Houghton’s Far-Out Happening!

Houghton’s Far-Out Happening!

April 06, 2015 – General Venues

We are so pleased to be catering for an event that is very close to our hearts in May. Organised by Helen Lacey, Katie Luff and Katherine Griffiths, the team at Clifford Brown Catering will be putting on a lovely Hog Roast spread to celebrate and raise funds for our fabulous friend Claire Houghton.

Groooovy man...

Houghton’s Far-Out Happening is a 60s themed celebration in Claire’s honour, for her friends and family. With live music from brilliant band The Zinedines, DJ, raffle, silent auction and of course catering by Clifford Brown Catering, the evening promises to be fun-filled! The aim is to raise as much money as possible for cutting edge immunotherapy treatment in Germany for Claire. Please, keep reading to learn a little more about Claire’s situation and why raising money is so important.

To date over £5,000 has been raised and donated to Claire’s cause, from some very generous people. Thank you so much for all of the support so far, but there is still a long way to go to raise the funds needed for Claire’s alternative cancer treatment. We wouldn’t normally ask, but if you have any spare change, please consider donating it to this wonderful cause.

Claire's fight

Claire was diagnosed with bowel cancer in early 2012 and shortly after underwent a 7 hour major, open, double surgery to remove the tumour in her bowel as well as 70% of her liver. She then successfully went through a six month course of chemotherapy and was given the ’all-clear’ in August 2013.

Unfortunately only 2 weeks later after crippling back pain, she was told the cancer had returned and a tumour was found at the top of her spine. She was told that the tumour was inoperable, but following tireless research from friends and family, a surgeon was found who would perform complicated spinal surgery on Claire. The tumour and vertebrae were removed, and replaced with a metal cage attaching the vertebrae above and below. The operation was a success and just two weeks later Claire walked down the aisle to get married to Joe, her adoring partner of 14 years.

Just before the honeymoon, scans showed that the cancer had returned in the spine and further operations were out of the question. Currently Claire battles through fortnightly chemotherapy sessions to try to keep the tumours at bay. The drug Avastin and Claire’s amazing positivity means she is doing well and is strong enough to fight on, searching for other options.

Very recently Claire lost one of her best friends, Michaela, to cancer. Michaela was determined to research and find different treatment options, which is something Claire would also like to do. In Europe there are more options for cutting edge cancer therapies but they are costly, which is why Claire’s friends and family are trying to help Claire with some of these costs.